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2013 Speedhunters Toyota 86-X

Car 2012 Toyota GT86
Horsepower 685 @ hubs
Engine Toyota 2JZ-GTE Straight Six 3.0. COMP Turbo.
Builder: SWR Performance Engineering.
Tuner: KRB Trading.
BC 3.4 stroker 2JZ-GTE planned for 2013
Brakes WP Pro
Wheels Motegi Racing Traklite. 18×10 +0 rears, 17×8 +0 fronts
Tires Hankook
Interior Takata FIA harnesses, GS Performance accessories
Exterior Rocket Bunny wide body kit, Ås VGS paint and body prep, Auto-Sign and Sørlie Communications vinyl
Suspension KW Supensions 3-way Race Kit, PeeBee suspension arms and steering lock kit
Sponsors Toyota Norge, Speedhunters, Japan Auto, Motegi Racing, Hankook, ACT, Ås Videregående Skole, Drive for Life, KW Suspensions, COMP Turbo, BC, TRA Kyoto & Rocket Bunny, Auto-Sign, Sørlie Communications, JH Linnerud, KRB Trading, SWR Performance Engineering, PBC Auto, Turbosmart, Agip, Biltema Sofiemyr & Follo, WP Pro Brakes, PeeBee Communications, TAKATA, Nuke Performance and Bullstar.


2014 Hankook Tire Scion Racing tC built by Papadakis Racing

Car 2014 Scion tC
Horsepower 750+ at hubs
Engine 2.7 Inline four 2AR-FE turbocharged
Brakes Wilwood Brakes
Wheels Motegi Traklite
Tires Hankook RS-3
Interior Takata harnesses and seats. Custom roll cage
Exterior Seibon / Jon Sibal designed custom wide body kit. Speedhunters base livery with Hankook signage
Suspension RS-R
Sponsors Hankook Tire, Scion Racing, Motegi Racing, AEM Electronics & SPC Products, ACT Clutch, Borg Warner Turbo, Torco Oil, Takata Racing


2013 RS-R Toyota GT86 V8

Car 2013 Toyota GT86
Horsepower 690 at hubs
Engine Toyota Racing Development 5.8 NASCAR Truck Series V8
Interior Custom roll cage
Exterior Rocket Bunny wide body kit
Suspension RS-R
Sponsors RS-R, Speedhunters, Takata, Enkei, Yokohama
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